Terrebonne EOC Operations to End at 6PM Friday, September 17

09/17/2021 04:58 PM

Earl Eues, Jr., Director of the Terrebonne Parish Emergency Operations Center announced the end of full staffing of the EOC in response to Hurricane Ida effective 6:00 PM, September 17, 2021. The EOC has been in continuous operation with all Emergency Support Function (ESF) managers since Noon on August 27, 2021, before the storm made landfall. National Guard, Coast Guard, and out of town and state law enforcement personnel were also released effective at 6:00 PM.
In closing the evening briefing, Eues praised the efforts of all ESF managers in dealing with the emergency brought about the Ida and thanked them for their tireless service on behalf of the people of Terrebonne Parish. “With utilities restored to the vast majority of residents and businesses in the parish, the long haul of recovery can begin in earnest,” he said. “We all know the return to normalcy will take a very long time, but we are resilient,” he added. Utility crews are working daily to get power and water to all residents and occupied structures in the parish.
Calls into the EOC will be routed to the appropriate ESF manager at other locations. Some governmental offices were damage by the storm, and those offices will be set up in temporary locations until repairs can be made.
FEMA will continue to operate its three Disaster Survivor Assistance locations for another week. Residents who have not registered for this assistance can do so at one of three locations: 922 Sunset Ave. (TCU Food Bank)., 400 Monarch Dr. (United Houma Nation), and Grand Caillou Middle School on Grand Caillou Road. Residents are urged to register with FEMA for disaster assistance at one of these locations or at www.disasterassistance.gov. or by dialing toll free 1-800-621-FEMA.
The Blue Roof tarping program offered free of charge by the Corps of Engineers will continue and sign-up for information for this program can be found at www.blueroof.us.
Internet service can be expected to return to those locations with electricity and which are pronounced safe for internet restoration operations.
“Through prayers and the grace of God, we were spared catastrophic flooding associated with storm surge,” said Parish President Gordon Dove. “We are working diligently with FEMA and the federal government to find temporary housing for our residents who lost their homes to Hurricane Ida. We know they are eager to get back to their families and their livelihoods,” he added.
MR. Dove said that all our citizens will be crucial to our recovery effort. “As we work to clear the debris and rebuild our communities, we must work quickly but safely. Let us pray that we are spared any more storms for the rest of this hurricane season,” he said.