Entergy 8AM Update / Terrebonne Parish / September 16, 2021

09/16/2021 08:14 AM

ENTERGY 8AM Update - 9/16
Traffic Control:
We have some major traffic control locations we need to communicate with everyone.
Today we plan to block traffic along Hwy 182 from the traffic circle to the Coteau Rd. intersection. We are replacing almost every pole along that section of Hwy 182. We again have this road blocked today.
We also have over 600 linemen in the Chauvin / Montegut areas. We are requesting that only residents and essential personnel travel through the following areas:
- Bayouside Dr. from the intersection of Hwy 58 and south.
- Hwy 55 from the Fire Station and south
- Hwy 56 from Klondyke Rd. and south
*We are coordinating with law enforcement on all these locations.*
Customer Information Center (CIC):
We will have CICs at the following locations and on the following dates: Thursday, September 16th – Walmart on Grand Caillou Rd.
**We will communicate the next CIC event.**
CICs provide a place for customers to ask questions, provide feedback, and obtain valuable information about their service.
Work Progress:
Yesterday (9/15), we repaired 323 poles, 615 spans of down wire, & 297 pieces of damaged equipment. More than 800 plus man hours yesterday. To date, we have repaired 2190 poles (63%), 3,928 spans of down wire (88%), and 2313 pieces of damaged equipment (44%).
As of this morning, we have restored power to 17,211 customers in Terrebonne Parish. That’s approximately 62% of the Parish.
Below are the areas where we are continuing to work:
Cascade Substation:
Serving W. Park Rd. between Cascade Dr. and Douglas Dr. This includes the Broadmoor Heights, Woodburn, Colonial Acres, Cadiere Park Heights, Westview Dr., & Deroche Estates neighborhoods. This also serves W. Main St. Charles St. and Buquet St.
Coteau Substation:
Serving Country Dr., Bayou Blue Rd., S Hollywood Rd., McKnight St., Leboeur St., & Estate Dr.
Houma Substation:
Serving parts of Grand Calliou Rd, Acadiana Dr., Laban Ave, Industrial Blvd, Texas Gulf Rd., Bayou Terrebonne, South Terrebonne Estates, Friendswood Place, La Terre, Lafayette Woods, Ellender St., Morris St, Cleveland St, Grande St, Carolyn Ave, Mary Ann Ave, Afton St., Richmond Ave, Jean Ellen Ave, Moffet Rd, Cummins Rd, Roberta Grove Rd, Prospect Blvd, Banks Ave, E Main (between East St. & Aviation Rd), & Thompson Rd.
Southland Substation:
Serving W. Main St. between Ziegler Ave and Hwy 90. This includes Greenfire, Bon Villa, & Buquet Subdivisions.
Terrebonne Substation:
Serving the Bayou Gardens, Broadmoor, Willamsburg, & Southern Estates neighborhoods. This also serves down parts of St. Louis Canal Rd. as well as W. Park from Coteau Rd. to Waterplant Rd.
Shriever Substation:
Serving Fletcher Community College, Weatherford Dr., & Hwy 311 from Learning Ln to Ellendale Ct. This includes the Ardoyne Plantation Subdivision.
Montegut Substation:
Serving Bourg, Hwy 24 south, Hwy 55 south, & Hwy 56 south.
Chauvin Substation:
Hwy 56 from Chauvin south to Cocodrie